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Our pieces adorn the necks, ears and wrists of mothers, housewives, celebrities, magnates and Ladies of State and regardless of the subject, each piece is made with the same seemingly superfluous but necessarily high standard of love, respect and care. AlejandraInDesign's passion for producing pieces of classically elegant, yet unique jewelry will be on display shortly. Thank you for visiting AlejandraInDesign, or call (540)300-RING or email for more information.

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We love hearing from our clients, both old and new, so if you would like to inquire about a piece or request a custom design, please leave us a message and we will contact you shortly. If you like, please include your twitter handle in the message as well so we can send you a direct message. Again, thank you for contacting us and we look forward to communicating with you. Your Jewelry ... Alive! tm